Friday, 1 May 2015

Fun Friday-Making Anzac Biscuits- Principal Award


This week for Fun Friday Maths we Looked at Measurement.

The first activity we did was getting ourselves into order from the shortest to the smallest person.

Check out our pictures

Matheus,Matu'u, Sione A, Darnell

Tallest from the back: Venita,Asinate,Shylay, Johnson

These two trying to figure out who's taller than who...
Mone insuring that he's taller than Johnson.

The whole of room 5 in line from shortest In the front to the tallest at the back.
Tallest from left to right 
Darnell , Venita, Mone and Sami
Tallest from left to right 
Gabby, Sione A, Charlie, Matu'u, Tete 

Shortest to tallest from right to left 
Left to right 
Pipiena,Zariah,Lucy & Johnson 

Ben & Harlym Hayes are the shortest female and Male in room 5.

This pictures is of the Tallest person and shortest person in room 5. Darnell and Harlym Hayes 

This week we also made Anzac biscuits with room 13.

First we looked at the ingredients that we needed. Then Van mixed all the ingredients for us and then we had the chance to roll some biscuit balls.

The best part was eating them and drinking our milk. It was deliscous.

This weeks Principals Award went to Paula .. Congratulations ️xx 

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